Feb. 2nd, 2011

Polyvore now owns my soul <3


Is probably one of the greatest sites I've been linked to in a while.

And if you, in any way, shape or form enjoy dress-up, clothes and/or (female, probably) character creation, this is a fun site to use!

Basically the idea is that you can create sets of clothing and accessories for a person, whether that be yourself or a female character. You can browse an enormous selection of clothes, sort by type, type in what you're searching for, look by color or sort by price tag. There are, literally, limitless possibilities with this website and it's quite handy if you want to give someone a sense of your character's style without having to a) explain it in EXCRUCIATING purple detail, or b)having to dig up individual references from a ton of websites. This puts it all together in one place.

For example, I have a wealthy French/English business woman named Bernadette, and she is a classy lady. She's also basically a reincarnation of the fairy-tale character Bluebeard, who married and killed his wives for betraying his trust, and is not a person to mess with in any way. I give you, the first of many collections I will make for her: CLICK ME!!!

I'm not saying description in prose or profiles is a bad thing, but it's really easy to overdo and a lot of people aren't really interesting in reading up on what brands one's character is fond of, or their does-and-don'ts of fashion. I think Polyvore is a useful tool in that it allows you to put together a quick and easy reference. Or, you know. Just make up outfits you only WISH you could afford.