Sep. 18th, 2011

Hisashiburi, ne~~

Wow, it's been a while. *brushes off the dust*

Long story short: Didn't go back to Japan, did some summer classes, lived with Eric& Emily (which was awesome), got a job at Target, Kimi came home, school has started and life is full of a pot of coffee every morning, perpetual dark circles and not nearly enough hours in the day.

Sooo here's a funny story to get us back on track.

These days I work at Target, primarily the closing shifts, and while generally I spend my days folding clothes and clearing out the fitting room, occasionally I get to delve into other parts of the store. Yesterday there were several pulls to bring out onto the floor, and since I wasn't specifically scheduled for the fitting room, part of my job is to help out with those. So I volunteered to grab the last one, which was a freezer pull.

Freezer pulls need to be done in 20 minutes or less of being taken out of the freezer, for obvious reasons of food safety and the like. So. I get to the back room, put on some gloves, and then open the first door to the refrigerator section and encounter AN ENORMOUS CART STACKED HIGH WITH VARIOUS DAIRY PRODUCTS. Creamer. Butter. Yoghurt. Soy milk. Cheese. The whole shebang, really. And it's in my way. I think to myself "Okay... I'll just see if it's a small pull, maybe I can just carry it out in my arms. So I squeeze by this enormous cart, surrounded on all sides by towers of milk crates, and siddle over to the freezer. I open the door about a foot, best I can do with that cart behind me, and glance inside.

Nope. No. Not gunna happen. It's basically a shopping cart full of pizza and frozen chicken products. The cart has to go.

So I open the door to the fridge (no easy feat, considering the milk crates were actually stacked in such a way that it made reaching the door knob very difficult) and got something to prop in front, in order to keep the door from closing. Experimentally, I try PULLING the cart, but that ain't gunna happen--it probably weights four times than me. (Also, a store rule is 'push, don't pull' so it's probably best I gave up on that anyways.) And so I get BEHIND the cart (which, may I add, towers about a foot and a half over me) and start to push. This is when I encounter a small ridge on the floor, a raised portion of metal that helps to keep the door to the coolers sealed. I can see this is going to take a little more effort than was anticipated, so I pull the cart back and push FORWARD at the best strength and speed I can muster.

I didn't realize the cart was stacked higher than the door opening. I looked up, just in time to see I Can't Believe It's Not Butter raining down upon me.

A box of ICBINB had been on the very top, opened, and when it got knocked over ab out 20 tubs of the stuff fell on me. One even beaned me straight on the nose, and while it FEELS like it ought to be bruised, I'm just lucky it's not broken. My manager heard the crash, as well as whatever humorous sound I'm certain I made, and helped me clear up the mess so I could get my pull out of the freezer. After that, she helped get the cart back into the fridge, though SHE got nailed in the head by a falling containing of Silk when trying to get over that ridge.

TL:DR - Dairy and gravity conspire against me. :(